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XXXII Cycle (2016-2019)

Name: Camilo Andres Perdomo Horta
Thesis title: Direct Economic Loss Assessment of Multi-Span Continuous RC Bridges under Seismic Hazard
Advisors: Ricardo Monteiro, Halûk Sucuoğlu
Date defended: 26 March 2020

Name: Alejandro José Calderon Carpio 
Thesis title: Earthquake Loss Assessment Models and Forecast of Forthcoming Risk within the Context of the Sendai Framework: Study Cases in Central America and the Caribbean
Advisor: Vitor Silva
Date defended: 5 June 2020

Name: Iason Grigoratos
Thesis title: Time-dependent seismic hazard and risk assessment due to wastewater disposal in Oklahoma
Advisor: Paolo Bazzurro, Ellen Rathje
Date defended: 26 March 2020

Name: Satyadhrik Sharma
Thesis title: Investigations into the Seismic out-of-plane two-way bending behaviour of unreinforced masonry walls
Advisors: Guido Magenes, Francesco Graziotti
Date defended: 5 June 2020

Name: António José Moutinho Da Silva
Thesis title: Implications of Earthquake-Induced Loss Control in Seismic Design Provisions
Advisors: Ricardo Monteiro, Jose Miguel Castro
Date defended: 5 June 2020

Name: Omer Odabasi
Thesis title: Probabilistic Seismic Risk Analysis of High-Rise Buildings: Critical Considerations in Site-Specific and Regional Applications
Advisor: Paolo Bazzurro
Date defended: 2 December 2020

Name: Carlotta Rodriquez
Thesis title: A framework to assess disaster resilience based on the sustainable development goals
Advisor: Ricardo Monteiro
Date defended: 3 April 2020

Name: Jamal Al-dabbeek
Thesis title: Earthquake and Flood Risk Assessment and Mitigation in the Middle East
Advisor: Vitor Silva
Date defended: 5 June 2020

Name: Emma Schiavon
Thesis title: Science, Policy and Use of Green Infrastructures for Eco-Disaster Risk Reduction in Agriculture
Advisor: Andrea Taramelli
Date defended: 5 June 2020

Name: Beatrice Monteleone
Thesis title: Development of a drought loss index for the agricultural sector in the Caribbean
Advisor: Mario Martina
Date defended: 3 April 2020
Name: Marco Giovanni Persico
Thesis title: Integrated Assessment of Air Pollution and Climate Change Policies in European Cities - the case of Milan
Advisor: Dimosthenis Sarigiannis
Date defended: 3 April 2020