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XXXI Cycle (2015-2018)

Name: Stylianos Kallioras 
Thesis title: Contributions to the Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings Under Induced Seismicity
Advisors: Guido Magenes, Andrea Penna, Francesco Graziotti
Date defended: 8 February 2019

Name: Andrea Rossi 
Thesis title: Structural and Economic Performance of RC Buildings with Different Types and Configurations of Masonry Infills
Advisors: Guido Magenes, Paolo Morandi
Date defended: 8 February 2019

Name: Mabè Sofia Villar Vega
Thesis title: Exploring Loss Ratio Prediction Equations in Probabilistic Earthquake Loss Assessment
Advisor: Vitor Silva
Date defended: 8 February 2019

Name: Athanasios Papadopoulos
Thesis title: Towards Probabilistic Seismic Risk Assessment Accounting for Seismicity Clustering and Damage Accumulation
Advisor: Paolo Bazzurro
Date defended: 24 May 2019


Name: Marcello Arosio
Thesis title: A Modelling Approach Based on Graph Theory Towards More Holistic Assessment of Natural Hazard Risk of Complex System
Advisor: Mario Martina
Date defended: 8 February 2019

Name: Julia Harrer
Thesis title: Understanding an Island of Extremes: State Capacity and Disaster Risk in Haiti and the Dominican Republic
Advisors: Paolo Roberto Graziano, Alberto Monti
Date defended: 8 February 2019

Name: Annibale Vecere
Thesis title: Near Real-time Flood Loss Estimation as a Basis for Risk Financing Mechanisms
Advisors: Mario Martina, Ricardo Monteiro
Date defended: 8 February 2019

Name: Cigdem Yilmaz 
Thesis title: Probabilistic Loss Assessment Due to Earthquake-induced Ground Failure
Advisors: Vitor Silva, Graeme Weatherill
Date defended: 24 May 2019

Name: Jefferson Jair Torres Porras
Thesis title:  Crossing borders: A comparative assessment of community resilience to natural hazards in Arica, Chile and Tacna, Peru
Advisors:  Christopher Burton, Ricardo Monteiro
Date defended: 3 April 2020