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XXVIII Cycle (2012-2015)

Name: Alfredo Gonzalez Fonseca 
Thesis title: Performance-Based Seismic Analysis and Design of Floor Diaphragms with Dual Systems
Advisors: Roberto Nascimbene, Enrico Spacone
Date defended: 15 December 2016

Name: Matthew James Fox 
Thesis title: Performance-Based Seismic Assessment of RC Wall Buildings
Advisors: Timothy Sullivan, Katrin Beyer
Date defended: 11 December 2015

Name: Marco Furinghetti 
Thesis title: Assessment and Modelling of the Seismic Response of Curved Surface Slider Devices under Multi-Axial Input
Advisors: Alberto Pavese, Constantin Christopoulos
Date defended: 11 December 2015

Name: Luis Edgar Rodriguez Abreu
Thesis title: Characterization of Subduction Source Models for Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis
Advisors: Julio García, Marco Pagani, Graeme Weatherill
Date defended: 19 May 2016

Name: David Patrick Welch 
Thesis title: Non-Structural Element Considerations for Contemporary Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
Advisor: Timothy Sullivan
Date defended: 15 December 2016

Name: Chiara Casotto 
Thesis title: Damage-Dependent Fragility Assessment: Critical Issues and Recommendations
Advisors: Helen Crowley, Vitor Silva, Rui Pinho
Date defended: 19 May 2016

Name: Mohsen Kohrangi 
Thesis title: Beyond Simple Scalar Ground Motion IMs in Structural Risk Assessment
Advisor: Paolo Bazzurro
Date defended: 11 December 2015

Name: Babak Nasrollah Beigi 
Thesis title: Seismic Isolation of Confined Masonry Buildings Using Fiber Reinforced Elastomeric Isolators
Advisor: Alberto Pavese
Date defended: 11 December 2015


Name: Juan Ruben Gonzalez Cardenas 
Thesis title: Fuzzy Methodologies Applied to Holistic Seismic Risk Estimation
Advisors: Helen Crowley, Francisco J. Mugica, Angela Nebot
Date defended: 11 December 2015

Name: Sevgi Aktas Özcebe 
Thesis title: Integrated Seismic Risk Assessment of Turkey
Advisors: Christopher Burton, Helen Crowley, Vitor Silva
Date defended: 25 May 2017

Name: Gemechis Gudina Wakene 
Thesis title: Conceptualization and Measuring Community Resilience to Slow Onset Disasters in Developing Nations
Advisor: Christopher Burton
Date defended: 15 December 2016