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XXVII Cycle (2011-2014)

Name: Emanuele Brunesi 
Thesis title: Influence of Structural Openings on the Buckling Strength of Cylindrical Steel Tanks
Advisors: Roberto Nascimbene, J. M. Rotter
Date defended: 5 December 2014

Name: Leonidas Alexandros Kouris 
Thesis title: Dynamic Identification and Assessment of the Response of a Full Scale Unreinforced Masonry Building Tested on Shaking Table
Advisors: Guido Magenes, Andrea Penna
Date defended: 11 December 2015

Name: Manya Georgieva Deyanova
Thesis title: Assessment and Retrofit Techniques for Industrial RC Prefabricated Structures
Advisors: Roberto Nascimbene, Stefano Pampanin
Date defended: 11 December 2015

Name: Valeria Fort
Thesis title: Retrofit Solution for Gravity-Load-Designed RC Frame Structures Employing Self-Centering Energy Dissipative (SCED) Braces
Advisors: Alberto Pavese, Constantin Christopoulos
Date defended: 5 December 2014

Name: Ariel Ricardo Roldán Abellán
Thesis title: Displacement-Based Design Steel Moment Resisting Frames Accounting for Joint Typology
Advisors: Timothy Sullivan, Gaetano Della Corte
Date defended: 5 December 2014

Name: Amaryllis Mouyiannou
Thesis title: Implications of Cumulative Damage on the Seismic Vulnerability of Masonry Buildings
Advisor: Guido Magenes
Date defended: 5 December 2014

Name: Alessandro Zanardi
Thesis title: Sandwich Panel Structures: Seismic Response Assessment
Advisors: Alberto Pavese, Bin Zaho
Date defended: 5 December 2014

Name: Romain Ribeiro de Sousa
Thesis title: Development and Verification of Innovative Modelling Approaches for the Analysis of Framed Structures Subjected to Earthquake Action
Advisors: Antonio Correia, Joao Pacheco De Almeida, Rui Pinho
Date defended: 11 December 2015