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XXV Cycle (2009-2012)

Name: Hossein Agha Beigi 
Thesis title: Retrofit of Soft Storey Buildings using Gapped Inclined Brace Systems
Advisors: Timothy Sullivan, Gian Michele Calvi, Constantin Christopoulos
Date defended: 6 December 2013

Name: Ali Guney Ozcebe
Thesis title: Seismic Stabilization of Slopes with Large Diameter Piles
Advisor: Carlo Giovanni Lai
Date defended: 6 December 2013

Name: Jetson Ronald Abraham
Thesis title: Study of Basin-Induced Surface Waves and their Numerical Simulation
Advisors: Carlo Giovanni Lai, Apostolos Papageorgiou
Date defended: 6 December 2013

Name: Ilaria Enrica Senaldi 
Thesis title: The Influence of Floor and Roof Diaphragms on the Seismic Response of Existing Masonry Buildings
Advisors: Guido Magenes, Andrea Penna
Date defended: 7 December 2012

Name: Enrico Da Lozzo
Thesis title: Hydrodynamic Effects on Seismic Response of Bridge Piers
Advisors: Ferdinando Auricchio, Gian Michele Calvi
Date defended: 7 December 2012

Name: Sanja Hak 
Thesis title: Damage Control of Masonry Infills in Seismic Design
Advisors: Guido Magenes, Paolo Morandi
Date defended: 7 December 2012

Name: Seyed Abolfazl Mirfattah
Thesis title: Assessment of Seismic Vulnerability and Risk of Pile-Supported Wharves
Advisor: Carlo Giovanni Lai
Date defended: 6 December 2013

Name: Igor Lanese
Thesis title: Development and Implementation of an Integrated Architecture for Real-Time Dynamic Hybrid Testing in the Simulation of Seismic Isolated Structures
Advisor: Alberto Pavese
Date defended: 7 December 2012