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XXII Cycle (2006-2009)

Name: Gabriele Attanasi 
Thesis title: An Innovative Superelastic System for Base Isolation
Advisors: Ferdinando Auricchio, Gregory L. Fenves
Date defended: 30 November 2009

Name: Kushan Kalmith Wijesundara 
Thesis title: Design of Concentrically Braced Steel Frames with RHS Shape Braces
Advisors: Davide Bolognini, Roberto Nascimbene, Gian Michele Calvi
Date defended: 30 November 2009

Name: Bhuiyan Mohammad Towhidur Rahman
Thesis title: Response of a Diagrid Tall Building to Wind and Earthquake Actions
Advisor: Roberto Leon
Date defended: 3 December 2010

Name: Vassilis Mpampatsikos 
Thesis title: DDBD of Rocking Walls With Mild Steel Dissipaters
Advisors: Davide Bolognini, Gian Michele Calvi
Date defended: 30 November 2009

Name: Gopal Adhikari 
Thesis title: Verification of Nonlinear Static Procedures for Plan Asymmetric Buildings Under Bidirectional Seismic Input
Advisor: Rui Pinho
Date defended: 30 November 2009

Name: Domenico Pennucci 
Thesis title: Performance-Based Seismic Design of Tall RC Wall Buildings
Advisors: Gian Michele Calvi, Timothy Sullivan
Date defended: 3 December 2010