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XXI Cycle (2005-2008)

Name: Ihsan Engin Bal
Thesis title: Displacement-Based Earthquake Loss Assessment: Method Development and Application to Turkish Building Stock
Advisors: Rui Pinho, Helen Crowley
Date defended: 5 December 2008

Name: Boyan Mihaylov
Thesis title: Behaviour of Deep Reinforced Concrete Beams under Monotonic and Reversed Cyclic Load
Advisors: Michael Collins, Evan C. Bentz
Date defended: 5 December 2008

Name: Pathmanathan Rajeev
Thesis title: Role of Confidence Factor in Seismic Assessment of Structures
Advisors: Paolo E. Pinto, Paolo Franchin
Date defended: 5 December 2008

Name: Jorge Alberto Rivera
Thesis title: On the Development of Seismic Design Forces for Flexible Floor Diaphragms in Reinforced Concrete Wall Buildings
Advisors: Rui Pinho
Date defended: 5 December 2008

Name: Eleni Smyrou
Thesis title: Seismic Design of T-Shaped RC Walls
Advisors: Timothy Sullivan, Gian Michele Calvi, M.J.Nigel Priestley
Date defended: 5 December 2008

Name: João Pacheco de Almeida 
Thesis title: Flexure-Shear Element for 3D Inelastic Analysis of Frames
Advisors: Rui Pinho
Date defended: 30 November 2009