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XIX Cycle (2003-2006)

Name: Paolo Morandi
Thesis title: New Proposals for Simplified Seismic Design of Masonry Buildings
Advisors: Guido Magenes
Date defended: 11 December 2006

Name: Simone Peloso 
Thesis title: Seismic Response Assessment of RC Frames using a Simplified Linear Approach based on Response Factors
Advisors: Alberto Pavese
Date defended: 11 December 2006

Name: Jarg Didier Pettinga
Thesis title: Prediction and Mitigation of Residual Deformations due to Seismic Demand, including Asymmetric Structural Response
Advisors: Stefano Pampanin, Constantin Christopoulos, M.J.Nigel Priestley
Date defended: 11 December 2006