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Understanding and Managing Extremes

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In addition to the main teaching activities of the UME Programmes, individual seminars are typically organised and students, staff and interested researchers are invited to attend. These typically consist of international experts providing insight into their areas of research in addition to seminars organised based on recent or relevant topics of interest, both nationally and internationally. Events are publicised via the events main announcements page but a collection of past seminars in addition to their flyers is provided here.

09/01/2020 - Seismic Performance of Infilled RC Frames: from Lab Specimens to Actual Buildings - Andreas Stavridis

03/10/2019 - Frames and Solid Walls: Earthquake Resilient Construction from Roman Times to the Origins of the Modern Skyscraper - Randolph Langenbach

20/09/2019 - On the Frontline: Coastal Climate Risks and Responses in the South Pacific - John E. Hay