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Understanding and Managing Extremes

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As a part of the UME Programme's activities, an international seminar is organised every year to provide Master and PhD students with an opportunity to present and discuss their research work to an audience of international experts. Since 2015, the seminar is named in honour of Prof. Nigel Priestley, co-founder of the ROSE School in 2001.

In addition to standard presentations on research work carried out within the programmes of the school, the annual seminar features also the tradition of inviting a prominent scientist to deliver a keynote lecture on a given contemporary and highly relevant topic in the field of earthquake engineering and engineering seismology. 

The seminar may also include the UME Doctoral Defence, featuring a committee of independent international experts in charge of the examination.

Further information about each year's seminar can be found on the events main announcements page.


Event Flyers

The individual flyers from each year's seminar may be downloaded here:

2020 - Not held

2019 - 5th International Nigel Priestley Seminar

2018 - 4th International Nigel Priestley Seminar

2017 - 3rd International Nigel Priestley Seminar

2016 - 2nd International Nigel Priestley Seminar

2015 - 1st International Nigel Priestley Seminar

2014 - 14th International ROSE Seminar

2013 - 13th International ROSE Seminar

2012 - 12th International ROSE Seminar

2011 - 11th International ROSE Seminar

2010 - 10th International ROSE Seminar

2009 - 9th International ROSE Seminar

2008 - 8th International ROSE Seminar

2007 - 7th International ROSE Seminar

2006 - 6th International ROSE Seminar

2005 - 5th International ROSE Seminar

2004 - 4th International ROSE Seminar

2003 - 3rd International ROSE Seminar

2002 - 2nd International ROSE Seminar

2001 - 1st International ROSE Seminar