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Understanding and Managing Extremes

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Evaluation Procedure

Applications are evaluated and scored by the Selection Board in two steps:

  1. Qualification assessment - The Selection Board will assess the submitted scientific qualifications awarding a score up to 50 points. Only the applicants obtaining a score of at least 36/50 in this qualification assessment phase will be admitted to the oral interview. Applicants are not required to be present during the assessment of qualifications.

  2. Oral interview - The interview will entail a discussion about the scientific skills and the research that the applicant would like to conduct with the aim of ascertaining their suitability for research and overall ability. Applicants will be assigned a score of up to 50 points. The interview is in English and may be carried out on line through a videoconference (i.e. Skype), as long as the candidate can be identified via suitable photo documentation. 

With the scoring of the two steps, the Selection Board will then award a final score from 1 to 100 to each applicant, which will then determine the final ranking and formal offer. Candidates obtaining a score below 36/50 will not be given a ranking and hence, not be admitted to the UME doctoral programme. Applicants will be notified of their admission to the programme using the e-mail address provided during their application. Results of the application will be posted in the UME doctoral programme page in addition to the university notice board.