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The primary aim of the Center is to promote research in the areas of linguistics and philosophy. L&PIC is devoted to the study of natural and formal languages and their relationship to the nature of mind and thought. In Linguistics, research is focused on Theoretical and Comparative Syntax, Computational Linguistics, Theoretical and Experimental Pragmatics and the History of Linguistic Thought. In Philosophy, research is focused  chiefly on the Philosophy of Mind and Language, Epistemology, and the Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic.

The research promoted by L&PIC is characterized by a theoretical and formal imprint, and yet it is always embedded in a multidisciplinary horizon open to empirical advancements in neuropsychology and neurobiology. L&PIC assumes that scientific progress in its areas is not just fostered by, but positively requires, the cooperation between the Humanities and the empirical sciences. Hence, in addition to the NeTS Laboratory, carrying out empirical investigations  in the field of linguistics, L&PIC will cooperate closely with other Centers and Laboratories of the School, starting with the ICON Center and the associated laboratories.

The activities of the Center are an essential and defining part of several Identity Themes  outlined in the "Identity and Development Plan 2020" of the IUSS School, in particular Theme 1 (Mind - Body - Languages) and Theme 3 (Complexity - Thought - Explanation). The Center also intends to be open to active citizenship, promoting the dissemination of knowledge through Third Mission actions and, more generally, public engagement.