It’s now available the new announcement for IUSS teachers and staff willing to apply for a grant to undertake a teaching or training period in an European higher education institution. Incoming staff working in any Programme Country public or private organization as well as individuals in businesses invited to share their knowledge may also apply to spend a teaching period at IUSS.

Deadline: Applications must be submitted within 31/05/2018.

In order to apply, IUSS teachers and staff must send to erasmusplus@iusspavia.it the following documentation:

- application form (Allegato 1, attached to the announcement);

- description of the teaching/training project (Allegato 2, attached to the announcement);

- Mobility Agreement, specifying the formal recognition provisions and rights and obligations of each party (Allegato 3) which has been signed by the Erasmus+ coordinator, the staff member and the host institution.

The documentation will be evaluated by a commission designated by rectoral decree, as long as funds will be available.

General information about ERASMUS+ Mobility for staff

Erasmus+ supports both teaching and training periods at higher education institutions abroad.
Individuals working in the higher education sector and individuals in businesses who intend to share their knowledge of a given sector, subject or issue, or carry out an internship in a higher education institution, have the possibility to apply for a grant for a teaching or training experience at an education institution in an Erasmus+ Programme country.



The period abroad for both teaching and training mobilities must last a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 2 months, excluding travel time. In addition, the teaching activity has to comprise a minimum of 8 hours of actual teaching activity per week (or any shorter period of stay).


Financial conditions

The mobility grant consists of a contribution towards travel and subsistence expenses for the period of teaching or training abroad. The reimbursement will be paid on the basis of contribution to unit costs.

Travel grants maximums are set according to the distance between the sending institution and the receiving one, and it must be calculated using the Distance Calculator tool supported on the EC’s website. You must indicate the distance of a one-way travel to calculate the amount of the grant that will cover the round trip, as per article 4, table A of the announcement.

The individual support is a contribution towards all other costs, including travel, accommodation and meals. The amount varies on the base of duration and destination of the stay, according to the maximums reported in article 4, table B of the announcement.

For further information about staff teaching and training opportunities please refer to FAQ about Erasmus+ for Higher Education Students and Staff.


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