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XXII Ciclo

  • Carpanelli Elena, Tesi "Biochemical and structural  studies on the key enzyme in  ether phospholipid biosynthesis"
  • Malara Alessandro, Tesi "New insights into pathogenetic mechanisms of hereditary macrothrombocytopenias" 
  • Mura Manuela, Tesi "Functional dissection of the human replicator LamB2-ori to understand the crosstalk between origin firing and gene silencing" 
  • Panaroni Cristina, Tesi "In utero cell therapy for osteogenesis imperfecta using the  murine model  Brittle IV" 
  • Santagostino Marco, Tesi "Telomeric Repeats far from the Ends: Mechanism of Origin, Transcription and Polymorphism" 
  • Serra Immacolata, Tesi "Microbial Nucleoside Phosphorylases for the enzymatic synthesis of nucleoside analogues" 
  • Spada Alessia, Tesi "Microbial Nucleoside Phosphorylases for the enzymatic synthesis of nucleoside analogues" 


  • Buoso Erica , Tesi "Physiopathological functions of Alzheimer’s amyloid precursor protein and its metabolic products"
  • Facchini Marcella , Tesi "Reduced proteoglycan sulfation in a chondrodysplastic mouse causes growth plate defects"
  • Fumagalli Marco , Tesi "Qualitative proteome of Exhaled Breath Condensate from patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease"
  • Giansanti Vincenzo , Tesi "Two faces of chemiotherapy: analysis of the effects of new compounds and study of resistance mechanisms in human cell lines"
  • Gioia Roberta , Tesi "Osteogenesis and adipogenesis imbalance in mesenchymal stem cells from the BrtllV murine model for osteogenesis imperfecta"
  • Longoni Paolo , Tesi "Production of fungal recombinant cellulases by transplastomic Nicotiana tabacum plants"
  • Mura Elisa , Tesi "New scenarios in the molecular pharmacology of CNS disorders: Alzheimer’s Disease and consciousness disturbances"
  • Orrù Roberto , Tesi "Structural and biochemical study on Flavin-dependant Monooxygenases"
  • Provenza Giulio , Tesi "Functional analysis of a murine monoclonal antibody to the ripetitive region of the fibronectin-binding adhesins FnBPA and FnBPB"

XXIV Ciclo

  • Besio Roberta , Tesi "Insight on structural and kinetic properties of human prolidase and its pathological variants"
  • Colonna Claudia , Tesi "Protection against S. Aureus-mediated infections: design of novel vaccine adjuvant systems"
  • De Leonardis Fabio , Tesi "Molecular mechanisms of defective chondrocyte proliferation in a mouse model with proteoglycan undersulfation"
  • Ferrari Emanuele , Tesi "Synthesis and characterization of neuromelanin models"
  • Nenci Simone , Tesi "Biochemical and structural analysis of peroxisomal enzymes involved in ether phospholipid synthesis"
  • Tortorici Marcello , Tesi "Biochemical and structural investigation of chromatin histone demethylase complexes"

XXV Ciclo

  • Bazzini Silvia, Tesi “Antibiotic resistance in Burkholderia cenocepacia: mechanisms of action and new drugs”
  • Biundo Fabrizio, Tesi “Studies on the biological activities of amyloid β precursor protein: implications for Alzheimer's disease”
  • Ghidoni Alice, Tesi “Maternal and fetal gene expression profile in gestational hypertension”
  • Pilotto Simona, “Biochemical and structural investigation of human Lysine Specific Demethylase 1 (LSD1) in the chromatin environment”
  • Porcari Riccardo, Tesi “From the molecular basis of β2-microglobulin amyloidogenesis to the discovery of new putative drugs”
  • Zucca Elisa, Tesi “Silencing of human DNA polymerase λ causes replication stress and is synthetically lethal with an impaired S phase checkpoint”

XXVI Ciclo

  • Bertoletti Laura, Tesi “The amyloidogenic protein beta2-microglobulin as drug target: integrated strategies by advanced analytical techniques”
  • Ciossani Giuseppe, Tesi “Biochemical and structural investigation of the flavin-dependent histone demethylase family”
  • Gozzini Davide, Tesi “Structural elucidation and bioactivity evaluation of novel terpenoids isolated from higher mushrooms”
  • Marchesi Nicoletta, Tesi “Post-transcriptional control mechanisms: a novel potential target in neurodegenerativediseases”
  • Martinoli Christian, Tesi “Exploring oxygen reactivity mechanisms of Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases”
  • Molteni Elisabetta, Tesi “Structural and functional investigation of the mycobacterial drug targets DprE1 and DprE2”
  • Nuvolone Mario, Tesi “Generation of a conditional transgenic mouse model of immunoglobulin light chain (AL) amyloidosis”
  • Serio Alessandra, Tesi “Omics in cardiolaminopathies: translational impact on human health”


  • Mocchi Roberto, Tesi “DDB2 interaction with PCNA is crucial for the correct Nucleotide Excision Repair efficiency”
  • Bartolucci Alessandra, Tesi “Production of recombinant single chain variable fragments by transgenic tobacco plants”  
  • Mori Giorgia, Tesi “New and old antitubercular drugs: a new activation mechanism appears and an old one reappears”
  • Speranzini Valentina, Tesi “Dissecting the Molecular Architecture of Chromatin Readout by the Histone Demethylase Complex LSD1-CoREST”
  • Gallo Stefania, Tesi “The alternative splicing factor Nova2 is a novel regulator of angiogenesis”
  • Monti Luca, Tesi “Murine models of osteochondrodysplasias: a useful tool to study the molecular bases of the diseases and to develop new treatments”


  • Dutto Ilaria, Tesi “Post-translational modifications and protein-protein interactions in DNA repair”
  • Fiorentini Filippo, Tesi “Biochemical studies on human flavin-containing monooxygenases”
  • Maggi Maristella, Tesi “Dissencting L-Asparaginases to obtain new anti-cancer drugs”
  • Manganaro Daria, Tesi “Pyk2 and TOR as upstream and downstream regulators of PI3K/Akt pathway in platelet activation”
  • Piano Valentina, Tesi “Unveiling the unusual biochemistry of the peroxisomal multienzymatic complex crucial in ether phospholipid synthesis”
  • Pinto Antonella, Tesi “Novel mechanism of glucocorticoids and dehydroepiandrosterone: Role of RACK1 in the immune system”

XXIX Ciclo

  • Cabrini Matteo, Tesi “Identification and characterization of DROSHA recruitment at DNA double strand breaks” matteo.cabrini@iusspavia.it
  • Capozzo Ilaria, Tesi “Study of Transcription Modulation at DNA double-strand breaks” ilaria.capozzo@iusspavia.it
  • Carriero Roberta, Tesi “Transcriptional and epigenetic alterations in a chronic DNA damage cell system” roberta.carriero@iusspavia.it
  • Gamba Riccardo, Tesi “Epigenetics and transmission of mammalian centromeric domains” riccardo.gamba@iusspavia.it

XXX Ciclo

  • Nguyen Quoc Thai, Tesi “Flavoenzymes at the crossroads of biocatalysis and structural biology” quocthai.nguyen@iusspavia.it
  • Paganini Chiara, Tesi “Chondrodysplasias caused by defects in proteoglycan biosynthesis: phenotyping and pharmacological approaches using murine models” chiara.paganini@iusspavia.it
  • Palamini Martina, Tesi “Characterization of the molecular flexibility of the extracellular domains of muscle-specific kinase MuSK” martina.palamini@iusspavia.it
  • Serafini Melania Maria, Tesi “Counteracting oxidative stress, inflammation and aβ aggregation with nature-inspired hybrids: relevance for nrf2 pathway involvement in neurodegeneration and aging” melania.serafini@iusspavia.it

XXXI Ciclo

  • Canciani Anselmo, Tesi “An integrative approach to the decryption of neurotrypsin functionality” anselmo.canciani@iusspavia.it
  • Capucciati Andrea, Tesi “Synthetic neuromelanins: structural characterization and potential biomedical applications” andrea.capucciati@iusspavia.it
  • Millana Fananas Elisa, Tesi “Structural studies on the regulation of NADPH oxidase 5” elisa.millana@iusspavia.it
  • Pagano Andrea, Tesi “Molecular and metabolic hallmarks of DNA damage response in the context of seed pre-germinative metabolism and seedling establishment” andrea.pagano@iusspavia.it


  • Bertoglio Federico, Tesi “Alternative antibacterial approaches for infectious diseases-immunotherapy and nanobiotechnology” federico.bertoglio@iusspavia.it
  • Canino Jessica, Tesi “The focal adhesion kinase  Pyk2 regulates neutrophil functions: a link between inflammation and thrombosis” jessica.canino@iusspavia.it
  • Ceccon Marta, Tesi “Methods for the Biochemical and Structural Characterization of the NADPH Oxidase 5” marta.ceccon@iusspavia.it
  • Guarino Salvatore Rocco, Tesi “Integrative molecular characterization of the muscle-specific kinase receptor musk and its interactors” salvatore.guarino@iusspavia.it
  • Zardoni Luca, Tesi “Mechanisms that modulate replication fork stability and R-loop accumulation during the conflict with transcription” luca.zardoni@iusspavia.it


  • De Giorgi Francesca, Tesi  “Structural and biochemical investigation of human collagen lysyl hydroxylases” francesca.degiorgi@iusspavia.it
  • Fagiani Francesca, Tesi “Targeting Nrf2 and NF-kB signaling pathways to counteract degenerative processes by new molecular entities” francesca.fagiani@iusspavia.it
  • Garibaldi Nadia, Tesi “Impaired osteoblasts homeostasis and matrix quality in Osteogenesis Imperfecta are rescued by 4-phenylbutyrate” nadia.garibaldi@iusspavia.it
  • Nicoll Callum Robert, Tesi “The Structural and Functional Characterization of Mammalian Flavin-containing Monooxygenases using Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction” nicoll.callum@iusspavia.it
  • Ongaro Tiziano, Tesi Engineered immunocytokines for an optimized payload delivery at the site of disease” tiziano.ongaro@iusspavia.it
  • Rizzelli Francesca, Tesi The crosstalk between NuMA and multiple mitotic partners instructs division orientation in mammalian cells” francesca.rizzelli@iusspavia.it
  • Sannino Alessandro, Tesi Development and optimization of versatile screening methodologies in the context of DNA-encoded chemical libraries” alessandro.sannino@iusspavia.it
  • Bacchella Chiara, Tesi Biochemical aspects of Neurodegeneration: an overview of Metal-Protein Interaction” chiara.bacchella@iusspavia.it
  • Farina Stefania, Tesi “ALS-linked FUS mutation reduces DNA Damage Response activation through RNF168 signalling pathway” stefania.farina@iusspavia.it
  • Iacovino Luca, Tesi “Biochemical and structural studies on Monoamine Oxidases and UPD-Glucuronic acid 4-epimerase” luca.iacovino@iusspavia.it
  • Josè Camilla Sammartino, Tesi “Going on the road of antimycobacterial drug discovery: new, old, repurposed drugs and mechanisms of action” jose.sammartino@iusspavia.it